What's new in EDAP Tools v.4.0

Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools v.4.0.0 is a major stable release

To the constantly growing number of our users it brings revolutionary enhancements to the Smart Magnet Rig workflow, polish and refinement of the existing tools and also sets the stage for exciting new developments that will follow up in v.5.

Change log

1. Structural changes:

  • Improvements to the internal structure for added features, flexibility and for future development
  • Minor changes to command names
  • Redesigned EDAPT Control Panel
  • Many UX improvements
  • Switched to CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license

2. New tools:

3. Added features:

4. Many bug fixes

Note: There are now video demonstrations for each of the tools added to the individual help entries.

It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to take advantage of the latest changes.

Important note about shortcuts
As EDAP Tools have evolved, EDAPT Shortcuts became very tightly integrated and, unfortunately, much less optional than in the previous versions. Since we keep pushing the boundaries of what Flash/Animate can do, we need to rely on heavily modified shortcut set and approaches to developing that set which are not available via the native shortcuts dialog.

We strongly encourage our users to switch to EDAPT Shortcuts to get the full EADP Tools experience!

We understand that as our set diverges more and more radically from Macromedia/Adobe defaults, transition can be frustrating at first and requires a few days.
But the benefits to the user would be huge as all EDAPT shortcuts have been assigned with animation/design workflow usability in mind. As you get used to them you will realize how much time and hand movement they will save you.

If you need to modify the EDAPT set to better suit your needs, please, refer to this article.

New free downloadable FLA files
Accompanying the release of v.4.0, we have also updated our free sample downloadable characters: Smart Magnet Bot and KineFox and also have v.2 of EDAPT Movie Template.

General recommendations
CS6To our users in 2018 we continue to recommend working with Flash Professional CS6 for character animation whenever possible. It is the most rigid, stable, bug-free and best performing version to date.

A CC license allows users to have multiple versions installed at the same time. You can have the latest Animate and also Flash CS6 on the same computer safely and without each of them interfering with the other.
We also have found out that if Action Script 2 is chosen in document's Publish Settings, general performance of Flash is much better. This affects positively not only some of our tools, but the way Flash renders shapes and lines and potentially other aspects of the way it works internally.

Download the latest version from the Downloads page

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