Create And Manage IK Objects (SMR)

This is a feature of EDAP Tools Premium


Object creation:
Creates 3 types of EDAPT Objects: SMR Effector Shift+F1(effector), SMR Brace Alt+F1(brace) and FK Extender Ctrl+Shift+F1(extender) and layers for them.

Effectors and Braces serve as SMR IK Controllers and are automatically placed on a layer called SMR_Controllers. If such layer does not exist it will be created.

FK Extenders are invisible when published to SWF, but should be switched off before exporting to video in AS3 and Canvas documents. In AS2 documents they never export. The purpose of the FK Extender is to provide more convenient handles in the cases of short SMR elements for work with KineFlex

Object management:
Visibility of SMR_Controllers layer(s) can be toggled on and off by pressing F1(visibility).
Opacity of all Controllers can be changed at 20% increments by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+F1(opacity).

Alternatively Effectors, Braces and FK Extenders can also be created via the dedicated buttons in SMR Helpers panel, and . Controller visibility and opacity can be adjusted via and .

Suggested use

SMR Inverse Kinematics posing. SMR Controllers are used to control IK chains with SMR KineFlex.

If suitable elements of a Smart Magnet Rig are selected prior to invoking object creation, the Controllers are snapped into position automatically.

Where does it work?

Stage, Timeline

EDAP Tools shortcut

Shift+F1(effector) (Effector); Alt+F1(brace) (Brace); Ctrl+Shift+F1(extender) (FK Extender); F1(visibility) (layer visibility); Ctrl+F1(opacity) (Controllers opacity) 


To function Effectors and Braces must always be placed on a layer called SMR_Controllers. Multiple controller layers can exist.

SMR Effectors require the presence of a Magnet Target inside an element to be able to attach to it and function. When multiple MTs are present, one of them has to be defined as Primary.

Default size, color and opacity of the objects can be set from EDAPT Control Panel or Quick Settings F12

An in-depth article about EDAPT Objects is available at this link.

Known Issues

System Clipboard interference
A known issue with all versions of Flash and Animate is that data stored temporarily in the System Clipboard can be exposed to interference by other programs running at the same time as Flash/Animate. This can cause an error during EDAPT Object creation or insertion.

If you see any error messages or if you experience problems with creation or insertion of SMR Effectors or SMR Braces, please, follow this link.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

When I try to add an IK effector I get the following message

"Oops! Something went wrong with Create And Manage IK Objects. Error: addNewOval: Argument number 1 is invalid.."

Please advise. Thanks!

Hi Cullen,

We have not seen this error before.

Does this happen in a blank new file?
Try to reset the color swatches to black/white and after a restart of the computer try to create an Effector in a new file with nothing in it.
If it works, we'll need to trouble-shoot the specific FLA.

Also, please, look here:

If this does not help, please, record a video (screen capture) of the steps to reproduce and send us via email a link to the video and the FLA, so that we can investigate further. Also, don't forget to list the exact versions of Flash/Animate, EDAP Tools and your OS.

Let us know your findings.

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