EDAP Tools in Adobe Animate 2020

We have just updated the installer of EDAP Tools v.5 to address a couple of small issues with the newly released Adobe Animate 2020.

All users who upgraded to AA 2020 should download the most recent version of EDAP Tools from the Downloads page.

The toolbar in Animate is now customizable and after installing EDAP Tools, users will need to click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the toolbar, find KineFlex and drag it from the pool of tools to the active toolbar to make it visible.

The procedure is shown in this short video.

Known Issues

With Animate 2020 Adobe broke how text in dialogs is displayed, which results in many of EDAP Tools messages to be clipped and incomplete.
This is a serious bug and needs to be fixed by Adobe in a future release. We can do nothing about it other than reporting it to them.

When using EDAP Tools v.5 in Animate 2020, if you come across unexpected behavior, please, post below or report it via the established channels.


Hi, I've failed to download the newest version of EDAP v.5 for my Animate CC 2020. My computer recognized it as a dangerous virus Trojan:JS/Foretype.A!ml. Can you explain this? What should I do?

Hi Marta,

This is a false positive from your antivirus.
Can you, please, let us know which antivirus you are using?

My advice is if you do not trust us to check the downloaded ZIP file on Virus Total

Virus Total reports 0 out of 60 Antivirus scan engines.
Here is the link to the scan I just did: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ea6a384d04c8c7e8cb7458bc60ee563b97f1917017e2d0a176985d92b34c2bce/detection
If you are satisfied with this result, adjust your antivirus software accordingly to ignore the false warning and enjoy using EDAP Tools 🙂

Best regards!

I'm using Windows Defender. Thanks for such a quick answer!

Thank you, Marta!
It's interesting that no other Windows user has reported Windows Defender false positive.
Hope you manage to sort it out soon.

Hi. I really like your tools. However when i click "show rig at current frame and timeline" it always crashes adobe animate. I can still animate the SMR rig but I can't modify it or trouble shoot because I am unable to display the rig in the SMR panel.

Hi Cullen,

We'd like to investigate your report, but to be able to do so we will need to be able to reproduce the described behaviour (which we can't at the moment).

So here are some additional questions:
1. What is your OS and exact version of Animate? Are you using the latest EDAP Tools v.
2. Does the SMR panel crash Animate with one of our sample rigs, which you can download to test the functionality?
3. If crash does not occur with every file, please submit via email or share via a file-hosting service (such as Google Drive) a file which always crashes the program, so that we can test with it.
4. A screen recording or a screen grab of the crash would be useful too.


Hi, I've used AN CC2020 and found that there is no 'SMR helpers' panel, and there is not a command in 'command' window can let me create a SMR IK controller, so I can't make IK rig. So what should I do, and why does this problem happen? Please reply me.

Hi Cheng,

This is normal as the publicly available version at the moment is v. which is FK only.

SMR IK is still in development and SMR Helpers will be part of our next release - EDAP Tools v.6.
Please, check this link where we have posted some previews.

When v.6 is available we will make an official announcement.
If you want to be regularly updated it may be a good idea to follow us on Facebook.

Best regards

Thank you for answering me so soon.
I am a little confused,is it means IK is only in demo now?V5 does not contain IK,so does it?If it does,when would V6 come out?

Yes, mate, you are correct.

What is there to be confused about?
We published a bunch of videos to update everyone interested in what will be coming with our next release.

Inverse Kinematics will be a big part of EDAPT v.6 and we will release it when ready 🙂

Oh,because I watched the video and saw the 'SMR helper'panel,I thought that if there is another version that contains IK… it doesn't matter now. So develop it come on please, it is not very convenient that there is only FK.

Well… you will have to wait some more 🙂

For now I'm the only one who uses the IK and I can tell you - it's awesome!

All the best!

OK,I'm glad to wait!

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