EDAP Tools in Adobe Animate CC 2019

Update: 10 August 2019
With the release of EDAP Tools v.5.0.0 this article is now obsolete.

In October 2018 Adobe released Animate CC 2019.
Many of the new features of this version are related to the so-called Advanced Layers. These features include Layer Depth, Layer Parenting, Layer Filters and Effects and so on.

Advanced Layers have a very strict layer naming model – only letters, numbers and underscores are allowed.
Previously the layer naming model was much more relaxed and users could have any characters and spaces.

In CC 2019 Advanced Layers are switched on by default for new files.
For old user files created in previous versions of Flash / Animate they are off, but users can switch them on if they want to use the new layer features.

To maintain full EDAP Tools functionality in CC 2019 we had to change the naming of our service layers to conform to the new strict layer naming model.

Magnet Target(s) is now MagnetTargets; Center Marker is now CenterMarker; //no punch suffix is now __nopunch and //no key is __nokey

There is now a separate version of EDAP Tools v.4.0.2 specifically for CC 2019 and newer.

Existing EDAP Tools users

Existing EDAPT users who have upgraded from a previous version of Flash / Animate and want to keep working on files created in those previous versions of Flash / Animate will have to run the new EDAPT Service Layers Renamer command once per file. It will automatically replace the relaxed service layer names with the new strict ones.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please follow this link.

New EDAP Tools users

New EDAPT users who are creating their Smart Magnet Rig files from scratch in CC 2019 don't need to do anything. EDAP Tools will just work for them.

Known Issues

It is very important to note that Layer Parenting and Smart Magnet Rigs are incompatible.
Layer Parenting alters the transformation matrices of child layers and Smart Magnet Joints and KineFlex cannot work correctly with parented objects.
At this stage Adobe has not yet provided any documentation about how this should be addressed.

Currently Layer Parenting data is lost during Timeline Block To Symbol (TBS) nesting operations.
This is also due to the lack of support for the new features by the JSFL API and total silence on the matter by Adobe.

Other Advanced Layer features such as Filters and Effects do not affect Smart Magnet Rigs and are nested when TBS is used.

If you have any previous version of EDAP Tools installed in CC 2019, uninstall that first and then proceed with installing the newly released one.

Read more about the new strict layer naming model.
Download the latest version of EDAP Tools from the Downloads page
If, due to failed update or user profile irregularities, EDAP Tools don't show up on your machine, you can always install manually, following the steps outlined in this article.

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