Support for Animate CC 2019

Update: 17 November 2018
With the release of EDAP Tools v.4.0.2 this article is now obsolete.

Just a quick note to let our users know that support for the newly-released Animate CC 2019 is currently being worked on.

If you rely on EDAP Tools for your professional work, please, refrain from installing CC 2019 on top of CC 2018 as this will break your workflow.

To try the new features of CC 2019 you can always install separately as described here and here.

We shall make an announcement when EDAP Tools for CC 2019 are ready, so stay tuned!


Looking forward to it! I must know, though: will Timeline Block Into Symbol retain layer parenting? Because if so, I will love you so much.

Hi Gordon!

Haha. This must be the dictionary definition of 'conditional love' 🙂

Sorry to disappoint, but Layer Parenting is a nice idea that was released prematurely and is full of compromises. At this stage if you choose to adopt Layer Parenting into your workflow, you will have to use the nesting tools provided by Adobe.

The more I look into the Layer Parenting implementation and the possible practical applications, the more disappointed I am. It starts to look more and more like "Bones II" to me.

Best regards!

v. is now available for download. It supports Animate CC 2019.‑4–0‑2–0‑released/

Just in an attempt to better understand our users, Gordon, what makes you prefer the half-baked Layer Parenting over the fully-flexible and much more powerful Smart Magnet Rigs?

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