EDAPT Control Panel


Allows cus­tomiza­tion of some set­tings and man­ag­ing the num­ber of active EDAPT Commands.
EDAP Tools can be unin­stalled from EDAPT Con­trol Panel.

Con­vert To Keyframe Advanced

Five self-explana­to­ry set­tings to acti­vate or deac­ti­vate for the X and Alt+X commands.
Text input field allow­ing cus­tomiza­tion of the string that pro­tects layer(s) from keys being cre­at­ed in them.

Cre­ate And Man­age IK Objects

Choose set­tings for the new­ly cre­at­ed Effec­tors and Braces. Size, opac­i­ty and col­or can be set, using the intu­itive controls.

Cre­ate Mag­net Tar­get Or Cen­ter Marker

Vis­i­bil­i­ty upon cre­ation can be set for the two types of auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed SMR objects. Default for Cen­ter Mark­er is vis­i­ble.
Vis­i­bil­i­ty of lay­ers does not affect func­tion­al­i­ty. CMs and MTs are only vis­i­ble in Out­line Mode because they are ful­ly trans­par­ent objects.

Enter Or Punch Cur­rent Frame

Text input field allow­ing cus­tomiza­tion of the string that pro­tects layer(s) from being punched.


Check­box allow­ing to enable or dis­able col­oriza­tion (as a method of visu­al aid) of Active Chain(s) dur­ing trans­for­ma­tion. Users can choose col­or and alpha.
Check­box to dis­able ‘jump­ing’ to a keyframe if the ele­ment clicked in does not have a key in the cur­rent frame.

Lay­er Color

5 Light and 5 Dark col­ors can be cho­sen for the Lay­er Col­or out­line mode commands.
Force Out­line when set­ting the Lay­er Col­or trig­gers out­line mode for the select­ed lay­er at the same time if checked.

FreeStyle Rig­ging Tool

Users can cus­tomize the col­ors of bound­ing box­es for ‘par­ent’ and ‘tar­gets’. (Only avail­able in Animate)

Smart Graph­ic Con­trol Panel

Check­box which allows users to choose whether Thumb­nails will be gen­er­at­ed from a ‘neu­tral’ ver­sion of the con­tain­er Sym­bol or while pre­serv­ing the cur­rent­ly applied trans­for­ma­tions to it in the cur­rent­ly select­ed key.
A but­ton that allows to clear the Thumb­nail Cache.

Smart Mag­net Joint

Numer­i­cal val­ue (pix­els) for the radius in which Smart Mag­net Joint will look for the near­est Mag­net Tar­get if the ele­ments are not a part of a Smart Mag­net Rig. Default val­ue is 50.

Smart Trans­form

Numer­i­cal val­ue for the Inverse Mode of Smart Trans­form, which defines where the upward selec­tion will terminate.
Check­box to dis­able switch­ing to Free Trans­form tool after exe­cut­ing Smart Transform.


Check­box to restore the EDAPT Short­cuts in case if some have gone miss­ing or are not work­ing prop­er­ly. Details…

Check­box to enable or dis­able EDAPT Objects Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty mode. Enabling it can pre­vent errors dur­ing EDAPT Object cre­ation or inser­tion due to Sys­tem Clip­board inter­fer­ence by oth­er soft­ware. Default is ‘unchecked’. Read more…

Check­box and drop-down to dis­able or enable all EDAPT infor­ma­tion dia­log mes­sages. (These are the mes­sages that have the “Do not show again” checkbox.)

Drop-down to enable or dis­able Lay­er Par­ent­ing inte­gra­tion. (Only avail­able in Ani­mate 19.2 – 22.0.4)

Drop-down to enable or dis­able Keyframe label­ing. Default as of EDAPT v.6 is Dis­abled. This is to avoid a bug in recent ver­sions of Ani­mate, result­ing in slow per­for­mance dur­ing Time­line play­back. Read more…

Dis­play in Out­put Panel:

Drop-down allow­ing to choose a com­fort­able lev­el of EDAPT mes­sag­ing in the Out­put pan­el. Default for new users is “Errors and Mes­sages”. When one is famil­iar with EDAP Tools, “Errors Only” is the rec­om­mend­ed setting.

Unin­stall EDAPT

Press­ing this but­ton will start the process of unin­stalling EDAP Tools. There must be no open doc­u­ments as dur­ing the process the pro­gram will need to be closed by EDAPT Set­up to final­ize deinstallation.

Man­age Commands…

Press­ing the but­ton opens a dia­log which allows the users to remove or bring back pre­vi­ous­ly removed EDAPT com­mands from the Com­mands menu.
Flash / Ani­mate must be restart­ed after com­mands are removed or added for changes to take effect.
Ani­mate CC only: If EDAPT Short­cuts for the new­ly shown com­mands are miss­ing, restore them from EDAPT Con­trol Pan­el > Mis­cel­la­neous > Restore EDAPT Shortcuts

EDAP Tools shortcut



Quick access to the last used EDAPT com­mand set­tings is avail­able via Quick Set­tings F12

Known Issues

Ani­mate CC 2017 and new­er on Win­dows: If user opens the Kine­Flex or Lay­er Col­or Set­tings dialogs from EDAPT Con­trol Pan­el and clicks on a col­or chip to change cer­tain col­ors and in this col­or chip dia­log clicks on the col­or wheel at the top-right to pop the sys­tem col­or pick­er, it opens behind the dialogs. It is not vis­i­ble and impos­si­ble to bring in focus, which results in a lock­down situation.
This is a prob­lem caused by Ani­mate and not EDAP Tools.
To avoid hav­ing to kill the pro­gram, users can either move EDAPT Con­trol Pan­el to the side after open­ing it, before call­ing the sys­tem pick­er or use the Quick Set­tings F12 dia­log for each of the com­mands which does not dis­play this issue.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some rea­son full HD is not avail­able here, try watch­ing them on YouTube.

This pan­el is part of the Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools pack­age. Down­load the lat­est ver­sion from the Down­loads page.

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