EDAPT Movie Template (free download)

Last update: Aug 2019 – added night-time palettes for character and background

This file is intended to illustrate the concepts, outlined in our foundational Workflow article, which describes the process of organizing animation production in Flash. The EDAPT Movie Template should serve as a springboard for our users to develop their own templates from scratch or as a starting point for modification.

The video below is the exported and published Full HD MP4; music: "Off to Osaka" by Kevin MacLeod.

Download EDAPT Movie Template from the Downloads page

The template shows how a Graphic Symbol is typically used as a camera and all animation is done inside on multiple nested and synced timelines. Stage dimensions are 1280x720. During export PNGs can be rendered at any resolution, i.e. Full HD, 4k, etc.

KineFox, our organic SMR character is used to demonstrate the methods of nesting, tweening, camera tracking, cutting and so on.
Inside the camera users will see how layers are organized and grouped for convenience.

The file is Macromedia Flash 8 compatible and can be used in any version of Flash and Animate newer than Flash 8.

EDAPT Movie Template and KineFox are licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.
They can be used for any personal non-commercial work, school and university projects, animation tests and to learn how to set up your own Flash movies.
Using the template or any of the provided assets for commercial (for profit) projects and selling it is strictly prohibited.

The video below demonstrates what's in the box.

Download EDAPT Movie Template from the Downloads page

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