EDAPT RoboKit – a FreeStyle SMR collection of parts (free download)

Accompanying EDAP Tools v.5.0 we have prepared for our EDAPT friends and the Flash community a new free-to-download file.

EDAPT RoboKit is a collection of parts which can be combined in countless configurations to build an endless variety of fun robots.
All elements in the kit are properly registered and can be turned into Smart Magnet Rigs ™ literally within seconds, using the FreeStyle Rigging tool.

Head and torso elements contain different angles, such as front and 3/4, while many of the other containers hold variations of the design as frames for easy switching.

With the RoboKit also comes a PDF booklet with several reference designs to serve as inspiration.

Download RoboKit from the Downloads page

The file is Macromedia Flash 8 compatible and can be used in any version of Flash and Animate newer than Flash 8.
RoboKit is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.

It can be used for any personal non-commercial work and purposes, school and university projects, animation tests and to learn how to create your own Smart Magnet Rigs.
Using it for commercial (for profit) projects and selling it is strictly prohibited.

Download RoboKit from the Downloads page

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