EDAP Tools and Layer Parenting

Update: 11 Sept 2021
With the release of EDAP Tools v.6.0.0 this article is now obsolete.

Adobe introduced Layer Parenting in Animate CC 2019.
Although quite promising on paper, the system is still in its infancy and needs a lot of work to become a sturdy production-ready tool.
Regardless of this, we can see some good potential in the hierarchical layers and will aim to integrate them in the Smart Magnet Rig workflow at first opportunity.

Upon initial release none of this new functionality was exposed to JSFL and therefore was completely out of our reach.

At the moment of writing this note – July 2019 – there are some indications that with the release of AnCC 2020, parented layers will be open to modification via a new JSAPI.

When we get access to this functionality, we will analyze the possibilities and decide on the best approaches to integrating it into the EDAPT experience.

Our plans in regards to Layer Parenting are to provide avenues to our users to access all benefits of hierarchical layers in their Smart Magnet Rig workflows in the best and most flexible way.

When this becomes possible, it will be one of our priorities for the next development cycle.

Additional note: August 2020
Layer Parenting integration will be coming to v.6 of EDAP Tools.
For a quick update on this topic, you might want to check the third video on this page.

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