Exciting new features coming with the next release

I haven't posted for a long time, mostly because we have been busy working on the next version of EDAP Tools.

The work is still in progress and we can't give an exact release date, but we've had very fruitful few months of development and exciting new features will surprise all existing and future users.

The project seems to be gaining popularity among the Flash community worldwide. We are already very high in the most popular Google searches related to character Flash animation, extensions, plugins and scripts.
EDAP Tools v. has already been downloaded thousands of times. Our storyboard template seems to be very popular too.

We are getting very positive feedback, unfortunately most of it via email.
I would like to encourage all users who want to say something, to post a comment, either in the Feedback section or under any specific article.

Stay tuned!
Great new tools are coming to EDAPT. 


Patiently waiting for this delicious present… 🙂

Thank you for your patience!!

v.2 is coming along really nicely. A few more weeks, I think, and it'll be available for download.
I'm still working on the support documentation…

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