What's new in EDAP Tools v.2.0

Version 2 of Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools marks a huge step up from our previous release, keeping all the functionality of v. and adding exciting new features. After nearly two years in development version 2 is a major release which opens the doors to ambitious future additions.

  • Smart Magnet Rigs

    With this version we introduce Smart Magnet Rigs – a powerful Classic Tween workflow enhancement which builds up on the Smart Snap functionality in v.
    Smart Magnet Rigs are created with the help of our new Smart Magnet Rig panel and enable Smart Magnet Joints – elements know their hierarchy and can always snap back to their parent when needed.
    This also allows for Smart Transform – a hierarchy chain-select command which places the Transformation Point of a chain selection in the Registration Point of the highest-ranking parent symbol.

  • Convert To Keyframe Advanced

    A new and powerful F6 replacement command.

  • Completely redesigned Settings panel

    Now via EDAPT Settings users can disable and enable the commands which they don't use to avoid Commands menu clutter.
    Visual Color Pickers for Dark and Light layer colors and many new settings for the new commands.

  • Single key shortcuts

    Single key shortcuts have been enabled in the EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts Set for faster and easier access to many Flash features and functions.

  • Improved Library Renaming Tools

    Library renaming dialogs have been improved so that input fields now remember the last typed in value. 

  • Faster performance

    Due to code optimization and the introduction of a custom made EDAPT library performance has been improved significantly.

  • Unified installer package

    One installer package working with all versions of Flash – from Macromedia Flash 8 to Adobe Flash Pro CS6.

Edit: 26 Oct 2013. Due to critical bugs and drastic changes in Adobe Flash Professional CC the installer packages (EDAP Tools v. were separated to target F8, all CS and CC with more precision
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