FreeStyle Rigging (SMR Tool)


FreeStyle Rigging ToolAn inter­ac­tive tool for cre­at­ing Smart Mag­net Rig ™ hierarchies.

FreeStyle Rig­ging (SMR Tool) is usu­al­ly grouped with Kine­Flex (SMR Tool).

It can be cho­sen by long-click­ing the Kine­Flex icon and then choos­ing from the drop-down or by using the FreeStyle Rig­ging (SMR Tool) com­mand or press­ing F4. The cur­sor becomes a +.
In Ani­mate 2020 and new­er, click on the at the bot­tom of the tool­bar, find the tool’s icon in the pool of tools and drag it to a desired loca­tion in tool­bar. (Click for details…)

Rig­ging is done in direc­tion from ‘par­ent’ to ‘child’.
Best prac­tice would be to start from the Mas­ter Par­ent and branch out from there accord­ing to a FK logic.

Click­ing on a Sym­bol instance and drag­ging in the direc­tion of anoth­er Sym­bol instance will draw bound­ing box­es around the source and the tar­get instance and will show a dynam­ic arrow point­ing from the source to the tar­get. Upon mouse-release the tar­get sym­bol will become a child of the source sym­bol. If Mag­net Tar­get is not present in the par­ent sym­bol it will be added auto­mat­i­cal­ly and so will be a Cen­ter Mark­er in the child symbol.

Suggested use

Smart Mag­net Rigging
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Where does it work?

Stage, Cur­rent Keyframe

EDAP Tools shortcut

F4 (FreeStyle Rig­ging Tool becomes the active tool); Shift+F4set­tings in Ani­mate (Quick Set­tings, Ani­mate only)


FreeStyle Rig­ging (SMR Tool) will not work if the cur­rent frame is not a Keyframe.

FreeStyle Rig­ging (SMR Tool) will not work on Par­ent­ed Lay­ers (PL).
(To con­vert Par­ent­ed Lay­ers to a Smart Mag­net Rig, use SMRize Par­ent­ed in the SMR Helpers pan­el.)

Known issues

Plu­g­in tool script error in method mouse­Up: If you see this mes­sage in Out­put, that means that the JSFL engine has crashed the tool. You need to restart Flash / Ani­mate to be able to con­tin­ue using it.

Sys­tem Clip­board interference
A known issue with all ver­sions of Flash and Ani­mate is that data stored tem­porar­i­ly in the Sys­tem Clip­board can be exposed to inter­fer­ence by oth­er pro­grams run­ning at the same time as Flash/Animate. This can cause an error dur­ing EDAPT Object cre­ation or insertion.

If you see any error mes­sages or if you expe­ri­ence prob­lems dur­ing FreeStyle Rig­ging, please, fol­low this link.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some rea­son full HD is not avail­able here, try watch­ing them on youtube.

This tool is part of the Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools pack­age. Down­load the lat­est ver­sion from the Down­loads page.

I just exper­i­ment­ed with the ‘make Edatpt­able’ and the FreeStyle Rig­ging tools. WOW!! Can this toolset get any bet­ter? Is there a way to expose the Smart Mag­net Rig and make man­u­al adjust­ments to it?

Hi Law,

Just load the rig in the SMR Pan­el and edit it the way you would any oth­er rig.
You can move/edit the MTs, just the way you would if you had rigged it manually.
There is no dif­fer­ence between a SMR rigged with the FreeStyle Rig­ging tool and any of the oth­er methods.

Hagos T Negusse

Thank you, Nick! I have been using Macro­me­dia Flash and now ani­mate cc and found the EDAP tools very help­ful. Recent­ly I have pur­chased a one­time sub­scrip­tion (EDAP pre­mi­um). Will keep on study­ing your tutorials.

Thank you very much for the kind words, Hagos!
We’re very glad to hear you’re find­ing the tools helpful!

Good luck with your projects!

ps. We’ll be releas­ing a fix for that but­ton issue in the next 48 hours, so please, keep an eye on our news feed or Face­book to know when it is avail­able to down­load and update.

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