KineFox — a SMR organic character rig (free download)

Last rig update: Aug 2021 — added IK Controllers

Kine­Fox is an organ­ic-look­ing char­ac­ter, with func­tion­al joints, based on over­lap­ping circles.
A ful­ly func­tion­al Smart Mag­net Rig ™, Kine­Fox is suit­able for test­ing Kine­Flex, Smart Trans­form, Smart Mag­net Joint, Clean Up, Smart Graph­ic Con­trol, Sym­bol Palette Con­trol and all oth­er fea­tures and tools in the EDAPT package.

Down­load Kine­Fox SMR Rig from the Down­loads page

The file is Macro­me­dia Flash 8 com­pat­i­ble and can be used in any ver­sion of Flash and Ani­mate new­er than Flash 8.
Kine­Fox is licensed under Cre­ative Com­mons CC BY-NC-SA.

It can be used for any per­son­al non-com­mer­cial work and pur­pos­es, school and uni­ver­si­ty projects, ani­ma­tion tests and to learn how to cre­ate your own Smart Mag­net Rigs.
Using it for com­mer­cial (for prof­it) projects and sell­ing it is strict­ly prohibited.

Here is a jazzy dou­ble-bounce walk cycle we made to test the rig and make sure joints worked as expected:

Our audi­ence and users are invit­ed to send us ani­ma­tions of Kine­Fox which they have done them­selves. We will pub­lish them on our Youtube chan­nel and in the Made with EDAP Tools sec­tion on this site to give the authors addi­tion­al exposure.

Below is a video that shows what’s in the Kine­Fox box.

Down­load Kine­Fox SMR Rig from the Down­loads page

Where is EDAP Tools v.4.0? can’t find it in the down­load section,

Hel­lo Edson! Good to hear from you, mate!

V.4 is com­ing soon. We haven’t locked a release date yet, but is very close. Keep an eye on our Face­book or the news sec­tion here. There will be a big announcement 🙂

Best regards!

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