Made with EDAP Tools – Animal Alphabet Title

This is the Title Sequence for a children's series that I have been working on in the last year or so.
All characters are Smart Magnet Rigs, which allowed me to achieve subtlety and organic look with digital cutouts in Flash CS6.

Surprisingly Flash did not struggle with the complexity of the file and the hundreds of layers and symbols. After completing this I'm starting to think that the long 3–4 minute timelines are a more serious challenge for the software than the enormous amount of layers.

Animal Alpabet is a part of ABC Reading Eggs Junior – a subscription based e‑learning site for young children.
"With funny animation, toddler games and preschool activities, your child will be entertained as they learn."

Katy Pike – Producer, Blake eLearning
Luke Jurevicius – Title Song, Animatics
Toby Quarmby – Backgrounds
Nickolay Tilcheff – Characters, Production design, Animation direction, Animation


Nice animation, congratulations!

plzz send me this project

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