EDAP Tools in Adobe Animate CC 2017

Update: June 2018
With the release of EDAP Tools v.4.0 this arti­cle is now obsolete.

Just a quick note to let EDAP Tools users know that we have now updat­ed our install script to make sure the lat­est released ver­sion of EDAP Tools (v. can install and work cor­rect­ly with the new­ly released Adobe Ani­mate CC 2017.

If you only miss the EDAP Tools Short­cuts after the Ani­mate update, you can man­u­al­ly copy/paste the short­cut file in its new loca­tion, by fol­low­ing these steps:

1. Copy EDAPT CC short­cuts v3.xml from the install fold­er of EDAP Tools.
It is locat­ed in EDAPT_Setup_v_3500\Source_Files\Shortcuts

2. Paste this short­cut file into Ani­mate’s Short­cut folder.

on Win

on Mac

3. The set should imme­di­ate­ly appear in Ani­mate’s drop down with­out the need to restart.

Down­load the lat­est ver­sion from the Down­loads page

Hi Sir I need EDAP Tools for Adobe Ani­mate CC 2017 How I Get it ?

You should be able to install the Stan­dard Free ver­sion of EDAP Tools on AA 2017 with­out any problems.

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