Set Reg Point To Transform Point


Re-registers symbols from outside, i.e. assists in automatically moving the content of a symbol in relation to its Registration Point.

Simple mode – Adjusts the Registration Point of the selected Symbol to match the current location of its Transformation Point. Faster.

Zero Transform mode – Re-sets the transformation matrix of a symbol, based on the current state of the selected instance on the Stage. This includes rotation, skew, scale and Registration Point. It also searches the document for other instances of the same symbol and compensates for all these changes so that the changes are completely non-destructive. Slower.

Suggested use

Precise positioning of permanent Registration Point of Symbols from the outside by using the Q‑tool to re-position the Transformation Point. Useful for functional rigging for cut-out animation.
The only way to do this in Flash is to move the content of a Symbol from the inside in relation to its Registration point and then reposition the symbol on the outside.
For in-depth information on symbol registration follow this link.

Simple mode is faster and best suited for quick adjustments of Registration Point only, when there are no other instances of the same symbol used. It does not check for that and re-registers the currently selected instance without asking questions.

Zero Transform mode performs all kinds of checks and compensations and is best suited for situations when there are multiple instances of a symbol already present. It also affects not only the registration, but the angle of the the content of a symbol in relation to its internal X and Y axes, i.e. it can be used to trim the external bounding box.

Where does it work?

Stage, Selected Symbol

EDAP Tools shortcut

Ctrl+T (Simple mode); Ctrl+Shift+T (CS) and Shift+T (CC) (Zero Transform mode)


The functionality of Zero Transform mode was originally designed by David Johnston many years ago. The UX is so well thought out that we couldn't think of any improvements and decided to implement our own version of it and include with EDAP Tools.

Video demonstrations

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

This command, in Zero Transform mode, crashes my Flash CS3. Maybe is some other extension conflict..
Someone having same problem??

Best Regards!

Problem solved! The graphic must not have any drawing object inside! ;^)

Hi Raul,

Thanks very much for reporting this!

Would you be able to provide a FLA with one symbol that crashes CS3 and the steps to reproduce?
If you can screen capture a video of the crash that would be ideal.

We'd like to investigate.
In quick tests with just a bunch of Drawing Objects and multiple instances of the symbol I could not replicate the crash easily in CS3 so we'll need additional details.

You can either post links to files here or email me at the address displayed above the contact form.

Hi Raul,

Thank you for taking the time to provide the files!
Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the crash and there is no way to do anything about it because of that.

I recorded a short video for you:

The only thing that I suspected could cause a problem were the Unicode letters i in the symbol names, but our CS3 had no issues with them at all.
I'm sorry that these crashes you experience will have to remain a mystery.

Hello Nick!
Long time without talking…
Hope you and your people are fine in these strange days…

I have been following the progress of your EDAP Power Tools that I love…
As a 2D professional animator, I have been using Flash since 2002, and I consider Flash a very good tool.
You have turned Flash into an EXCELLENT tool, without which my work would be much more difficult and boring!
You can to check my work here ;^)

I'm writing to you because EVERY DAY for a year I have been checking my browser, looking for the new update of EDAP Power Tools … And I have the need to tell you that I would like to test the beta version of EDAP Power Tools 6.0.
Would it be possible?

Thanks for all your effort, the world is a little better place because of it … Thanks!
Best Regards.

Thank you for your kind words, Raul!
I sent you an email.

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