KineFlex (SMR Tool)


KineFlex is our revolutionary on-the-fly skeletal system, introduced for the first time in EDAPT v.4.0 in 2018.
KineFlex uses Smart Magnet Rig metadata to allow an animator-friendly implementation of a Forward Kinematic system, with bones that exist only during the current transformation and do not impose any rigidity or structural changes to the Classic Tween approach.

Essentially it is an instantly generated skeleton which takes the current location and position of the elements as initial state (on MouseDown) and disappears after the end of the transformation (on MouseRelease).


An extremely powerful tool which allows precise quick posing, utilizing the available hierarchical structure of a Smart Magnet Rig.

KineFlex icon KineFlex appears in the tools palette next to or below Free Transform (Q) tool.

KineFlex can be chosen directly by clicking on its icon in the tools palette or by using KineFlex (SMR Tool) command - EDAPT shortcut G which makes KineFlex the currently active tool.

KineFlex creates on-the-fly temporary bone chains according to a forward kinematic model. These chains exist only during the posing operation, while the character retains all flexibility. Symbol and Layer structure, typical for the Classic Tween workflow remain unchanged.
Essentially, this is Bones with Forward Kinematic implemented well and animator friendly.

Modes of operation after choosing the KineFlex tool G:

  • mousedrag: Soft FK rotation – rotates the clicked element while moving all its children relatively to its transformations, retaining children's directions unchanged.
  • Alt+mousedrag: Hard FK rotation – rotates the clicked element and all its children keeping them 'firmly' attached to their relative positions
  • Shift+mousedrag: Move chain – moves the clicked element and all its children

Suggested use

Posing; Advanced character animation

Where does it work?

Stage, Current frame – preexisting key(s); Needs a Smart Magnet Rig

EDAP Tools v.4 shortcut

G (KineFlex becomes the active tool); Alt+G (KineFlex Quick Settings)
Modifier keys when the tool is active while dragging: Alt+ (hard rotation); Shift+ (move)


KineFlex can be disabled via the EDAPT Contol Panel > Manage Commands > uncheck KineFlex checkbox
Important! KineFlex only works with Smart Magnet Rigs

Known issues

May 2019. Currently KineFlex (4.0.2) does not work under Mac OS X Mojave. This issue will be fixed with our next release (v.5.0). Until then Mojave users can continue their work by using Smart Transform.

Animate CC 2019 and newer only: KineFlex is incompatible with Layer Parenting. (Read more)

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.


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