Smart Transform Point CW (SMR)


Cycles the Trans­for­ma­tion point of mul­ti­ple select­ed Sym­bols to the right (clock-wise).
Designed as a pair with Smart Trans­form Point CCW (SMR)

There are two modes for this command:

1. Stan­dard mode
Works with any num­ber of select­ed Sym­bols. Upon exe­cu­tion 3(for­ward) the com­mand places the Trans­for­ma­tion point of the select­ed group of Sym­bols on top of one of the Sym­bols’ Reg­is­tra­tion points. When the short­cut key 3(for­ward) is pressed again it moves it over the next Reg point in a clock-wise direction. 

2. Inverse mode
This is acti­vat­ed by press­ing Alt+ the short­cut assigned to the com­mand Alt+3(inverse). The inverse mode requires the pres­ence of Mag­net Tar­gets (MT) inside the select­ed group of Sym­bols. MTs indi­cate con­tact points where child objects should attach, so they are used as Inverse Trans­for­ma­tion points.

Suggested use

For quick and pre­cise posi­tion­ing of the Trans­for­ma­tion point of mul­ti­ple select­ed Symbols.

For­ward mode. For exam­ple if upper arm, low­er arm and hand are select­ed, Flash will posi­tion the Trans­for­ma­tion point of the group in the mid­dle of the selec­tion. When the com­mand is exe­cut­ed for the first time 3(for­ward) it will place the Trans­form point of the group in the shoul­der joint and upon the next press 3(for­ward) it will move it to the elbow; then on the next press 3(for­ward) in the wrist. Then it will keep cycling.
This allows per­fect­ly pre­cise pos­ing with­out the need to guess where cen­ter of rota­tion should be.

In this mode there is no restric­tion that ele­ments should belong to the same hier­ar­chi­cal chain (which is a nec­es­sary lim­i­ta­tion in Smart Trans­form), i.e. you can select hand, upper arm, head and tail and tog­gle the posi­tion of the Trans­form point between these four Reg points locations.

The Inverse mode should allow the ani­ma­tor to use the wrist or ankle (for exam­ple) as a Trans­for­ma­tion point for the whole char­ac­ter while iso­lat­ing the hand or the foot from the selection.

Where does it work?

Stage, Mul­ti­ple Select­ed Symbols

EDAP Tools shortcut

3(for­ward) (for­ward); Alt+3(inverse) (inverse)

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some rea­son full HD is not avail­able here, try watch­ing them on YouTube.

This com­mand is part of the Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools pack­age. Down­load the lat­est ver­sion from the Down­loads page.

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