What's new in EDAP Tools v.6.5

The Electric Dog team is proud to introduce Flanimate Power Tools v.

This is a feature and bug fix update

1. New features:

  • KineFlex can now penetrate through the Layer Parenting Shell and work directly with the SMR Core
  • SMR IK Effectors now snap back to their controlled element on MouseUp by default
  • SMR IK Effectors have a new property, allowing to optionally disable snapping to the controlled element

2. UX improvements:

  • FreeStyle Rigging tool – improved visualization of rigged elements to reduce visual noise during rigging
  • Executing Clean Up Alt+Q when one IK Effector is selected performs IK Clean Up operation
  • Upon creation, Center Markers are now locked over the Registration Point
  • EDAPT Premium – better Unicode support for Device Names in user's Web Account
  • EDAPT Premium – the active License Key can now be seen in EDAPT Control Panel > Miscellaneous

3. Minor bug fixes

It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to take advantage of the latest changes.

Download the latest version from the Downloads page

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