Common Error Messages

The goal of this article is to list some of the most common Error Messages that new EDAP Tools adopters might come across, and to provide some additional information what the messages mean.

The list is based on user requests and questions, so if you don't see the message you are interested in, please, feel free to post a request in the comments section below.

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No Magnet Target found within the 4px radius

No Magnet Target found within the 4px radius.
Parent Symbol must contain a Magnet Target (MT) object.
MT center must overlap with the Registration Point of the currently selected Symbol Instance.

Make sure that the MT in the Parent Symbol is not in the middle of a tweened span.

This message will appear when in the Smart Magnet Rig panel the user attempts to tag with Rig info elements that are not properly prepared for rigging.

Many new adopters do not understand the difference between Registration and Transformation points and incorrectly assume that they have re-registered the elements by moving the Transformation points to the desired location.
We provide a number of tools to correct this, such as Set Reg Point To Transform Point and Zero Transform, but the fastest and easiest to use would be Make Edaptable.

A properly registered Upper Arm symbol will have both its Registration and Transformation points coincide and placed in the shoulder.
A Magnet Target has to be present inside the Torso symbol and this Magnet Target's location on the Stage has to coincide with the Registration point of the Upper Arm symbol. The 4px radius mentioned in the message is the maximum inaccuracy that the rigging script can tolerate.

Running Make Edaptable first and then using the FreeStyle Rigging Tool should be the easiest way to avoid this message, esp. if you're new to SMR.
If you need to use the Smart Magnet Rig panel, you have to make sure that everything is correctly prepared for rigging in advance and you closely follow the instructions.

There are no Magnet Targets found within the 50 pixel range

Smart Magnet Joint:
There are no Magnet Targets found within the 50 pixel range.

You will see this message when executing Smart Magnet Joint and the selected element is not a part of a Smart Magnet Rig.
Smart Magnet Joint works with non-rigged elements by looking for a Magnet Target in all directions from the Registration point of the selected element within a certain range. The default value is 50 pixels. It can be changed from the command's settings in EDAPT Control Panel.

There is no Center Marker found

Smart Magnet Joint:
There is no Center Marker found.

You will see this message when you are inside a parent symbol and are executing Smart Magnet Joint with a Magnet Target selected.
The command is looking for a Center Marker in another symbol within a 50 pixel range, so that it can snap the selected MT and position it exactly over the Registration point of the other symbol (which is what the Center Marker indicates).

KineFlex: Duplicated elements on layers: "AAAA" – "BBBB"

Duplicated elements on layers:
"AAAA" – "BBBB".

This message indicates that there are two or more Symbol Instances with the same SMR ID in the current frame.
These duplicates create a SMR conflict and KineFlex can't work.
The message shows the names of the layers where the conflicting Symbol Instances occur.

To resolve the conflict either delete one of the instances from the current frame or remove its SMR info, using the Remove Rig info button in SMR Helpers.
If necessary the instance can be re-rigged to receive a new unique metadata ID.

Video – KineFlex: How To Resolve ID Conflicts

Critical Error – Timeline Navigation

An error has occurred while attempting to navigate back to the original timeline.
Please, close this file without saving and restart the program to prevent any unintended changes.

This error will appear when a command such as Zero Transform is called from a timeline opened for editing in any way other than Edit in Place.

This can be critical, so, as advised, close your file without saving and restart Flash or Animate.

To successfully complete the operation, try to drag your container from the Library to a temporary new layer on the Main timeline, then double-click it to enter for Editing in Place and run the desired command again.

Plugin tool script error in method mouseUp

Plugin tool script error in method mouseUp

This should be extremely rare with all the additional precautions taken in EDAP Tools v.6, but if you see this message in Output, it means that the JSFL engine has crashed KineFlex or the FreeStyle Rigging Tool.
Save your work and restart Flash / Animate.

You need to restart to be able to continue using the tools.


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