Supported versions of Flash and Animate

EDAP Tools v.6 Standard can be installed and will run on most versions of Flash and Animate, starting with Macromedia Flash 8 on Windows and Mac. 

Since Adobe moved to a subscription-based model with more frequent updates, Animate versions are not a finished stable product any more. It has become a perpetual work in progress – much more prone to bugs and regressions. Because of that and the huge abundance of versions we only test on the 3 most recent versions of Animate, mostly on Windows.

EDAP Tools v.6 Premium has more strict requirements.
It can only run on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Installation is restricted to Flash 8, CS3-CS6 and the 3 most recent versions of Animate, i.e. 19.2, 20 and 21.

Since with Catalina Apple cut off all 32-bit applications, on the Mac EDAPT v.6 Premium can run on the 3 most recent versions of Animate, i.e. 19.2, 20 and 21.

EDAP Tools are plugins. When a new version of Animate is released we do our best to test and support it.
We have managed to do so for 10 years, but there is never a guarantee that this will always be possible.

Always update with caution! If you rely on EDAP Tools for your work, always install the new versions of Animate separately, not on top of the existing one, which you know works well.

The table below lists all versions of Flash / Animate and the level of support by EDAP Tools

- supported and tested
- untested, most likely works
- unsupported and restricted
EDAP Tools v.6 Standard EDAP Tools v.6 Premium
Windows - any
Mac OS - any
Windows - 7, 8, 10
Mac OS - any
Flash 8
Flash CS3
Flash CS4
Flash CS5
Flash CS5.5
Flash CS6
Flash CC
Flash CC 2014
Animate CC 2015
Animate CC 2017
Animate CC 2018
Animate 2019.2
Animate 2020
Animate 2021
Future releases

Hi! After installing it in Animate CC 2018, errors began to occur, and animate crashes, which is very sad and there is no way to work normally with EDAPT. Will you be testing EDAP Tools v. 6 Standard in Animate CC 2018? and will there be a chance of the appearance of EDAP v. 6 Premium Tools for Animate CC 2018? Thanks for the answer!

I'm sorry for your disappointment!
We have installed and run EDAPT v.6 on Animate 18.0.1 and never experienced crashes or errors.
Maybe you should try to clean up your Configuration folder and try to install again.

We will not support the dated versions of Animate as they are abandoned by Adobe and a mine field of bugs.
Your options are to either use CS6, or move on to Animate 2021, if you want to use v.6 Premium.

Or, of course, you can keep using EDAPT v.5, if that works better for you.