EDAPT Commands panel


Interactive, customizable panel, providing button access to EDAPT Commands.
It also allows creating buttons for non-EDAPT user-defined commands.

Suggested use

An always-on-screen button-based alternative to using EDAPT Shortcuts to access EDAPT Commands. Faster, more intuitive and user-friendly option than choosing commands via the Commands menu.

Users can configure the panel to their liking, showing only the buttons for the commands they need.
They can also 'buttonize' non-EDAPT commands and access those visually as well.

Modifier key(s) can be pressed and held down before clicking a button in the EDAPT Commands panel. This will call the alternative modes of the particular command, if such are available.
Example: Holding down [ Alt ] while clicking on the Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker button will create a Center Marker.

Where does it work?

Initial selection before pressing a button varies, depending on the particular command's functionality.

EDAP Tools shortcut

n/a; open EDAPT Commands panel from Window menu > Other Panels (Extensions in Animate) > EDAPT Commands

EDAPT Commands panel


Click on buttons (to execute command); ModifierKey-click on buttons (to execute alternative action in multifunction commands).
For example, you can Shift-click, Alt-click, Ctrl-click, Ctrl-Shift-click and so on.

Buttons, Dropdowns

On hover [ ··· ] appears at the right side of each button. By clicking on it users can remove the button from the list or change its text, description and color.
The [ ··· ] at the bottom-right of the panel displays a pop-up menu from which users can add any command as a button to the panel. They can also reset the panel to its default state.

User-defined commands

Adding a custom user-defined command requires one to browse and select the desired JSFL file. Commands can be located anywhere on the user's system, but in most cases they reside in the Commands folder within Configuration.
Follow this path to find the location of Flash or Animate Configuration folder:

Win: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate YourVersion\YourLocale\Configuration
Mac: HD\Users\YourUserName\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Animate YourVersion\YourLocale\Configuration

Do not look for Configuration in any other location than the ones described above!

It is possible that this path is hidden by default. The fastest way to finding your Configuration folder is described here.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This panel is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

Very useful, thank you!

Thanks, Alex!
A much improved version of EDAPT Commands panel is coming with our next big release – v.7.

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