EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts Set

As EDAP Tools evolve, EDAPT Shortcuts become more closely integrated and, unfortunately, less optional than in the previous versions. Since we keep pushing the boundaries of what Flash can do, we need to rely on heavily modified shortcut set and approaches to developing that set which are not available via Flash's native shortcuts dialog.

We strongly recommend to our users to switch to EDAPT Shortcuts to get the full EADP Tools experience!

We understand that as our set departs more and more radically from Macromedia/Adobe standard shortcuts, transition can be frustrating at first and requires a few days.
But the benefits to the user would be huge as all EDAPT shortcuts have been assigned with animation/design workflow usability in mind and as you get used to them you will realize how much time and hand movement they will save you.

Switching to EDAPT Shortcuts

You can switch to EDAPT Shortcuts by choosing:
- on Windows Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.
- on Mac Flash > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.

Important note!
EDAPT shortcuts are designed to work with standard English US keyboard layout.
Using other keyboard layouts (for example English UK) might result in broken shortcuts or unpredictable behavior. 

Customizing EDAPT Shortcuts

If you need to modify the EDAPT set to better suit your needs:
In Animate just use the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… dialog.
Flash 8 and CS users, please, refer to this article.

Custom Shortcuts for Multifunction commands

Multifunction commands require multiple shortcuts to be assigned to them.
In Animate this can be done very easily. Detailed information is available here.

Restoring EDAPT Shortcuts

To restore EDAPT Shortcuts in case if some have gone missing or are not working properly, open EDAPT Control Panel and go to the Miscellaneous section. Then click the "Restore EDAPT Shortcuts" checkbox, press Apply and reload the shortcuts from the Shortcuts dialog. Details…

EDAP Tools Shortcuts Map (shortcuts arranged by key)

Hover cursor over the buttons to see associated shortcuts. Pop out in a new tab and scale as you like.

EDAP Tools Shortcuts (shortcuts arranged by menu command)

Many of the standard Adobe shortcuts have been replaced and rearranged to suit animation and design workflow better. Single key shortcuts have been introduced for the most frequently used actions.

EDAPT Shortcuts – Drawing Menu
EDAPT Shortcuts Drawing Menu
    New… Ctrl+N
    Open… Ctrl+O
    Browse in Bridge
    Close All
    Save Ctrl+S
    Save As…
    Save as Template…
    Check In…
    Save All
        Import to Stage… Ctrl+R
        Import to Library…
        Open External Library…
        Import Video…
        Export Image…
        Export Selection…
        Export Movie…
    Publish Settings…
    Publish Preview
        Default – (HTML)
    AIR Settings…
    ActionScript Settings…
    File Info…
    Page Setup…
    Undo Ctrl+Z
    Redo Ctrl+Y
    Cut Ctrl+X
    Copy Ctrl+C
    Paste in Center Ctrl+V
    Paste in Place Ctrl+Shift+V
    Paste Special…
    Clear Backspace, Clear, Delete
    Select All Ctrl+Shift+A
    Deselect All
    Find and Replace Ctrl+F
    Find Next
        Remove Frames Shift+Z
        Cut Frames Ctrl+Alt+X
        Copy Frames Ctrl+Alt+C
        Paste Frames Ctrl+Alt+V
        Clear Frames
        Select All Frames Ctrl+Alt+A
        Cut Layers
        Copy Layers
        Paste Layers
        Duplicate Layers
        Copy Motion
        Copy Motion as ActionScript 3.0…
        Paste Motion
        Paste Motion Special…
    Edit Symbols
    Edit Selected
    Edit in Place
    Edit All
    Customize Tools Panel…
    Font Mapping…
    Keyboard Shortcuts…
    Go to
    Zoom In Ctrl+=
    Zoom Out Ctrl+A, Ctrl+-
        Fit in Window
        100% Ctrl+1
        Show Frame
        Show All
    Preview Mode
        Anti-Alias 7
        Anti-Alias Text
        Full 8
    Rulers Ctrl+U
        Show Grid Ctrl+'
        Edit Grid…
        Show Guides Ctrl+;
        Lock Guides
        Edit Guides… Ctrl+Shift+;
        Clear Guides
        Snap Align
        Snap to Grid
        Snap to Guides
        Snap to Pixels
        Snap to Objects W
        Edit Snapping…
    Hide Edges Ctrl+Q
    Show Shape Hints Ctrl+Alt+H
    Show Tab Order
    New Symbol… Ctrl+F8
    Motion Tween 5, Numpad 5
    Shape Tween 6, Numpad 6
    Classic Tween 4, Numpad 4
        Layer Folder
        Frame Z
        Blank Keyframe
    Convert to Symbol… F8
    Convert to Bitmap
    Break Apart Ctrl+B
        Swap Bitmap…
        Trace Bitmap…
        Swap Symbol… Alt+E
        Duplicate Symbol… Ctrl+E
        Advanced Smooth…
        Advanced Straighten…
        Convert Lines to Fills Ctrl+Shift+C
        Expand Fill…
        Soften Fill Edges…
        Add Shape Hint Ctrl+Shift+H
        Remove All Hints
    Combine Objects
        Delete Envelope
        Union Ctrl+Shift+G
        Distribute to Layers
        Layer Properties…
        Reverse Frames Ctrl+P
        Synchronize Symbols
        Convert to Keyframes
        Clear Keyframe Shift+X
        Convert to Blank Keyframes Alt+Z
        Split Motion
        Join Motions
        Free Transform
        Rotate and Skew
        Scale and Rotate…
        Rotate 90?° CW
        Rotate 90?° CCW
        Flip Vertical J
        Flip Horizontal H
        Remove Transform
        Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+Up
        Bring Forward Ctrl+Up
        Send Backward Ctrl+Down
        Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+Down
        Unlock All
        Horizontal Center
        Vertical Center
        Distribute Widths
        Distribute Heights
        Make Same Width
        Make Same Height
        Align to Stage
    Group Ctrl+Alt+G
        Faux Bold
        Faux Italic
        Align Left
        Align Center
        Align Right
    Letter Spacing
    Check Spelling…
    Spelling Setup…
    Font Embedding…
    TLF Tab Ruler
    Manage Saved Commands…
    Get More Commands…
    Run Command…
    01 LB Enumeration
    01 LB Rename Alt+L
    02 Create And Manage IK Objects (SMR) F1(visibility) , Shift+F1(effector) , Alt+F1(brace) , Ctrl+Shift+F1(extender) , Ctrl+F1(opacity)
    02 Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Shift+`(tilda/~ key) , Alt+`(tilda/~ key)
    02 FreeStyle Rigging (SMR Tool) F4 , Shift+F4settings in Animate
    02 KineFlex (SMR Tool) G , Shift+G , Alt+G(effector properties)
    02 Set Reg Point To Transform Point Ctrl+T , Ctrl+Shift+T , Shift+T
    03 Layer Color F5 , Alt+F5
    03 Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle F3 , Alt+F3
    03 Layer Parenting Toggle (SMR) ; , Alt+;frame block
    04 Convert To Keyframe Advanced X , Alt+X
    04 Enter Or Punch Current Frame F2 , Ctrl+F2 , Alt+F2
    04 Next Frame In Symbol Shift+. , Alt+. , Alt+.
    04 Prev Frame In Symbol Shift+, , Alt+, , Alt+,
    04 Prev Or Next Symbol In Library Alt+' , '
    04 Sync Symbols To Timeline /(for­ward slash) , Alt+/offset
    05 Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) , Ctrl+`(inverse)
    05 Smart Transform (SMR) 1(for­ward) , Shift+1(inverse) , Alt+1(alternative)
    05 Smart Transform Point CCW (SMR) 2(forward) , Alt+2(inverse)
    05 Smart Transform Point CW (SMR) 3(forward) , Alt+3(inverse)
    06 Clean Up (SMR) Alt+Q
    06 Duplicate Symbol Recursive
    06 Effects Tween Ctrl+4(tween) , Shift+4(clear)
    06 Find And Replace Strokes
    06 Frames To Movieclips Alt+F8
    06 Stagger Tween
    06 Swap Multiple Symbols
    06 Timeline Block To Symbol Shift+F8
    08 Last EDAPT Command Quick Settings F12 , Alt+F12
    09 EDAPT Control Panel Alt+0
    09 EDAPT Help Shift+F1
    Play Enter
    Rewind Home
    Go To End End
    Step Forward One Frame .
    Step Backward One Frame ,
    Test Movie
        in Flash Professional
        in Browser
        in AIR Debug Launcher (Desktop)
        in AIR Debug Launcher (Mobile)
        on Device via USB
        Test Ctrl+Enter
    Test Scene Ctrl+Alt+Enter
    Clear Publish Cache
    Clear Publish Cache and Test Movie
    Loop Playback
    Play All Scenes
    Enable Simple Frame Actions
    Enable Simple Buttons
    Enable Live Preview
    Mute Sounds Ctrl+M
    Debug Movie
        in Flash Professional
        in AIR Debug Launcher (Desktop)
        in AIR Debug Launcher (Mobile)
        on Device via USB
    End Debug Session
    Step In
    Step Over
    Step Out
    Remove All Breakpoints
    Begin Remote Debug Session
        ActionScript 3.0
        ActionScript 2.0
    Duplicate Window
        Edit Bar
    Motion Editor
    Library Ctrl+L
    Common Libraries
    Motion Presets
    Actions F9
    Code Snippets
    Compiler Errors
    Debug Panels
        Debug Console
        ActionScript 2.0 Debugger
    Movie Explorer
    Component Inspector
    Other Panels
        Web Services
        Smart Magnet Rig
        Small Screen
        New Workspace…
        Manage Workspaces…
    Hide Panels Ctrl+Shift+F4
    Flash Help
    Flash Support Center
    Get Latest Flash Player
    Adobe Product Improvement Program…
    Flash Exchange
    Manage Extensions…
    Manage AIR SDK…
    Adobe Online Forums
    Product Registration…
    About Adobe Flash Professional

EDAPT Shortcuts – Tools
EDAPT Shortcuts Tools
Arrow V
Sub Select A
Free Transform Q
Fill Transform F
KineFlex (SMR Tool) G
FreeStyle Rigging (SMR Tool) F4
Lasso L
Pen P
Add Anchor Point =
Delete Anchor Point -
Convert Anchor Point
Text T
Line N
Oval O
Rectangle R
Oval Primitive
Rectangle Primitive
Pencil Y
Brush B
Ink Bottle S
Paint Bucket K
Dropper D , I
Eraser E
Object Drawing C
3D Translation Tool
3D Rotation Tool
Global Transform
Deco Tool U
Spray Brush
Bone Tool
Bind Tool

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