Manual installation of EDAP Tools

If for whatever reason the EDAP Tools install script does not work, users can always install manually.

This can happen after an Adobe Animate update that breaks the standard configuration naming conventions or due to some other irregularities with the user profile setup.

Below is a simple description of the necessary steps to manually install EDAP Tools.

1. Make sure that Animate is closed. Navigate to Animate's Configuration folder:

on Win
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC YourVersion\YourLocale\Configuration
(Check 'show hidden objects' in folder view if AppData is not visible)

on Mac
HD\Users\YourUserName\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Animate CC YourVersion\YourLocale\Configuration

2. Copy all files from the unzipped install folder of EDAP Tools to the corresponding subfolders in Animate's Configuration folder.
(Go to Source_Files inside the current EDAPT install folder, then inside each of the below listed subfolders and copy all files to their corresponding destinations in Animate's config folder)

External Libraries
(if it doesn't exist, create it)

3. Copy "EDAPT CC shortcuts vXX.xml" from the install folder of EDAP Tools. It is located in "..\Source_Files\Shortcuts\"

4. Paste this shortcut file into Animate’s Shortcut folder.

on Win
on Mac

5. Start Animate and select "EDAPT CC shortcuts vXX" from the Animate’s shortcut drop down (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts)


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