Missing EDAPT shortcuts after Animate update

All the time Adobe keep changing Animate's version naming conventions and folder structure without following their own logic.

After such a release the install paths of EDAPT shortcuts may be broken and shortcuts may be missing.
We need to patch this on a case per case basis after each Adobe release as there is no predictable logic or naming conventions to follow.

If you already have EDAP Tools installed and are updating Animatie via the Creative Cloud application the chances are that if in Advanced Options you choose 'Import my settings and preferences', EDAPT shortcuts will be available after the update, while the tools will be missing and will need to be installed again.

However, if you run a newly released version of Animate (say CC 2017) and this is your first install of EDAP Tools or you did not choose 'Import my settings and preferences' during the update, EDAPT shortcuts may be missing.

We encourage our users to report such cases so that we can update our install script to take care of newly changed folder structure.

Below is a simple 3-step way of adding EDAPT shortcuts manually if they happen to be missing.

1. Copy EDAPT CC shortcuts v3.xml from the install folder of EDAP Tools.
It is located in EDAPT_Setup_v_3500\Source_Files\Shortcuts

2. Paste this shortcut file into Animate's Shortcut folder.

on Win

on Mac

3. The set should immediately appear in Animate's drop down without the need to restart.

More information about shortcuts, where they reside and how to modify them - shortcuts tag.

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