Missing EDAP Tools or shortcuts after updating Animate

Always update Animate with caution

If you rely on EDAP Tools for your work, always install new versions of Animate separately and not on top of your existing installation.
You can uninstall later, when you are certain that the new version works well. This will ensure a smooth upgrade.

There are two types of Animate updates – minor and major.

Minor updates

Minor updates have the same version number before the dot, i.e. 20.0.2, 20.5 and so on.
These versions share the same Configuration folder.

After minor updates, installed EDAP Tools (which reside in the Configuration folder) will still be present.

Major updates

Major updates have different version numbers. For example 20.5, 21.0.6, 22.0 and so on.
These major versions have separate Configuration folders.

After major updates, EDAP Tools will need to be installed in the new version of Animate as it has a different Configuration folder.
These updates are especially confusing for new EDAPT adopters, because before the update the CC App lets them choose "Import previous settings and preferences". This gives the false impression that extensions will also be transferred, but they are not and need to be installed.

Restoring EDAPT Shortcuts

To restore EDAPT Shortcuts in case if some have gone missing or are not working properly, open EDAPT Control Panel and go to the Miscellaneous section. Then click the "Restore EDAPT Shortcuts" checkbox, press Apply and reload the shortcuts from the Shortcuts dialog. Details…

More information about shortcuts, where they reside and how to modify them – shortcuts tag.

Hi, I'm using the latest version of Animate at work while using an older version of Flash on my home computer. At home, while practicing the tutorials, I have found the Tilda key to be very helpful for snapping child symbols to parent symbols . However this command doesn't seem to work in Animate and instead of snapping it changes the currently selected symbol to another symbol. Any idea what's going on here and how I can get the Tilda key to work?

Hi James,

First, check the Commands menu at work to make sure that the EDAPT commands are present.
If the commands are there, try to execute Smart Magnet Joint from the menu to test if the command itself works.
Also check to see if there are shortcuts shown next to the commands in the menu.

The menu should look like this: 

If the commands are not there, you need to install the tools.
If the commands are there, but you see no shortcuts, you need to restore the EDAPT Shortcuts as described above in the article.

When all this is done, and if still you have issues with this one shortcut, you have to look into your keyboard layout and see what character/symbol the key to the left of 1 and below Esc is producing while typing text. If your OS keyboard layout is unusual, the `/~ may be mapped to some other key. Switching to English US keyboard from Windows settings should fix this.

If you cannot change keyboard layout due to admin privileges and the admin at work is uncooperative, you can assign a different key to Smart Magnet Joint as is described here. Just keep in mind that multi-function commands need multiple shortcuts assigned to them.

You also have the option to open EDAPT Commands panel and use the SMJ button.

Hope this helps!
Let us know how you go.

Thank you for the comprehensive answer! This was a frustrating issue and your fix advice is much appreciated. I think your EDAP tool is an amazing labour saving aid that cuts out, what used to be, hours of tedious work to get to the fun part of animation. I guess that I will be looking to purchase the premium version once I get proficient with the basic version which is fantastic in itself! Cheers.

Thank you for the kind words, James!

It is, indeed, best to get comfortable with all aspects of Smart Magnet rigging and posing before considering an upgrade to EDAPT Premium.
For experienced Flash users the learning curve is not too steep. The only major concept that has to be grasped is that Smart Magnet Rigs are Registration Point-based, rather than Transformation Point-based as is typical in vanilla Flash.

Good luck with all your projects!

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