Missing EDAP Tools or shortcuts after updating Animate

Always update Animate with caution

If you rely on EDAP Tools for your work, always install new versions of Animate separately and not on top of your existing installation.
You can uninstall later, when you are certain that the new version works well. This will ensure a smooth upgrade.

There are two types of Animate updates - minor and major.

Minor updates

Minor updates have the same version number before the dot, i.e. 20.0.2, 20.5 and so on.
These versions share the same Configuration folder.

After minor updates, installed EDAP Tools (which reside in the Configuration folder) will still be present.

Major updates

Major updates have different version numbers. For example 20.5, 21.0.6, 22.0 and so on.
These major versions have separate Configuration folders.

After major updates, EDAP Tools will need to be installed in the new version of Animate as it has a different Configuration folder.
These updates are especially confusing for new EDAPT adopters, because before the update the CC App lets them choose "Import previous settings and preferences". This gives the false impression that extensions will also be transferred, but they are not and need to be installed.

Restoring EDAPT Shortcuts

To restore EDAPT Shortcuts in case if some have gone missing or are not working properly, open EDAPT Control Panel and go to the Miscellaneous section. Then click the "Restore EDAPT Shortcuts" checkbox, press Apply and reload the shortcuts from the Shortcuts dialog. Details…

More information about shortcuts, where they reside and how to modify them - shortcuts tag.

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