Prev Or Next Symbol In Library


Swaps the currently selected Symbol instance(s) with the next or previous Symbol in the Library.

Works within the confinement of a Library Folder and always goes through the list in alphabetical order.

Suggested use

Quick symbol swapping in cases when Symbols are organized in Library Folders and named according to a naming convention that allows predictable results. 

Example: Different head angle Symbols can be named Head_01, Head_02, Head_03 where the first is front, the second 3/4 and the third profile view and put inside a Head Library Folder. Pressing the shortcut keys will allow quick swapping between the different head comps.

Where does it work?

One or more selected Symbol instances on Stage

EDAP Tools shortcut

' (apostrophe) (next symbol); Alt+' (previous symbol)

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

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