SMRize Parented

This command is part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow
Have you started a project in Animate using the built-in Layer Parenting (LP) only to find out that it is incredibly painful to use, full of bugs and dead ends?

Have you just discovered Flanimate Power Tools and the far superior Smart Magnet Rigs (SMR), wondering if you'd be able to not lose all those precious hours of work you already put in your character design, rig or animation?

SMRize Parented (Parented Layers to Smart Magnet Rig) is an elegant automated script which allows you to upgrade to the far superior Smart Magnet Rig ™ system very easily.
Literally at the press of a button you will be ready to go with SMR and start enjoying the unprecedented freedom that SMR Forward and Inverse Kinematics give, plus, of course, the iconic and famous Magnet Joints.

  1. Make sure you have a backup copy of your original file.
  2. If there are background or props elements on the Stage, lock all layers except those belonging to your LP rig.
  3. Select all the elements of the Layer Parenting hierarchy on the Stage using the Selection Tool or the Free Transform Tool.
  4. Press the SMRize Parented button in SMR Helpers panel or choose SMRize Parented from the drop-down menu of Smart Magnet Rig panel.
  5. The script will analyze your rig.
    If Registration points and Transformation points do not match it will re-register your symbols to make them Edaptable. After that it will create a Smart Magnet Rig hierarchy, inserting Magnet Targets and Center Markers wherever necessary.
    If there are more than just one Keyframe in the current timeline, SMRize Parented will Roll Over the SM Rig info to all Keyframes.
    Depending on the size and complexity of the conversion this can take some time.
    When done, it will display a report in Output.

After that you will have a fully-functional Smart Magnet Rig and you can start enjoying all our advanced posing tools such as KineFlex, the Magnet Joints and so on.

This will also serve as a SMR Core if you decide to still use the only thing that Layer Parenting is good at – tweening elements along nice arcs. To do so you can always use Layer Parenting Toggle ; or Alt+;frame block for a selected block of frames, layers or the whole timeline. 

From now on Layer Parenting becomes just a convenient cosmetic addition over your flexible and reliable SMR Core – a mere PL Shell which you can turn on and off at the press of a key to never again experience the constraints of Adobe's unfortunate implementation.

Due to severe bugs in Animate, in EDAP Tools v.6.6 Layer Parenting integration has been disabled by default.
You can safely enable it from Commands > EDAPT Control Panel > Miscellaneous, and convert your PL rig to a Smart Magnet Rig.
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Video demonstration

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This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

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