EDAP Tools Premium

EDAP Tools Premium revolutionize Flash Animation by bringing professional-grade Inverse Kinematics tools to all character animators.

New industry standard

SMR IK is bound to become the new industry standard in digital cutout animation, flawlessly integrating into all Classic Tween pipelines and allowing ease of posing which even old-time EDAP Tools users could not dream of.

Building upon our 10 years of experience, developing the most popular extensions package, with EDAP Tools Premium we are taking our professional tool set to a whole new level, bringing unseen before features to the Flash / Animate platform and providing a 21st century user experience.

When to upgrade?

Upgrading from the standard free version is very easy and can be done at any time.
Inverse Kinematics is realized entirely at tools level and no extra work needs to be done on existing Smart Magnet Rigs to enjoy the benefits of IK posing.

How does it work?

First, make sure that your OS and version of Flash or Animate are supported.
Then just buy a license, follow the three step activation procedure and enjoy the extra functionality.

Licenses are perpetual.
You can use the version you have bought indefinitely.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you following Adobe's subscription model for the Premium version?
A: No. Purchasing a license requires a one-time payment only. Licenses never expire. They are permanently valid for the version they were purchased for. This also includes any hotfixes and minor updates that may be released for the same version of the tools.

Q: Do you offer a trial version of EDAP Tools Premium?
A: No. To evaluate EDAP Tools, install the standard free version. This plus all the documentation and videos about the premium features should give you a very good idea what to expect from the upgrade.

Q: I have more than one version of Animate and Flash on my computer. Do I need separate licenses for each of them?
A: No. One license allows you to use EDAP Tools Premium on multiple versions of Flash and Animate installed on one device at any given time.

Q: I have two computers. Do I need to buy two licenses?
A: No. You can activate and use your license on any device. Once it is activated on a new device EDAP Tools Premium features will be deactivated on your other computer.

Q: Can I use my Premium version of EDAPT on a computer without Internet connection.
A: Only for a short period of time. Licenses are frequently validated over the Internet.

Q: Can I upgrade to EDAP Tools Premium in the middle of a project? Do I need to re-work my Smart Magnet Rigs to start using Inverse Kinematics?
A: You can upgrade at any time. No extra work needs to be done on existing SM Rigs to start enjoying the benefits of Inverse Kinematics. IK is realized entirely at tools level and once you upgrade to Premium, you will be able to add SMR Controllers, pin feet to the ground and use IK to pose.

Q: We are a studio. Do you offer license packages?
A: Yes, we do. Currently you can buy 5, 10 or 25 activations as a single package. These are specifically designed for studio environments and are managed by one Administrator.

Please note: You need to have an active Internet connection when using EDAP Tools Premium as the validity of the licenses is checked periodically.

Features EDAP Tools v.6 Standard EDAP Tools v.6 Premium
Runs on Windows
Runs on Mac OS
Forward Kinematics
Inverse Kinematics
Pinned Effectors
FreeStyle Rigging
Magnet Joints
Element Welder
Layer Parenting Integration
SMR Helpers panel
Price Free One-time license purchase

1 activation $55
3 activations $148
5 activations $242
10 activations $462
25 activations $1100

*X number of activations means that the same license can be used simultaneously on X number of machines.

Activation procedures

Copy your License Key
Before you begin, copy your EDAPT Premium License Key either from your EDAPT Store account (click on the View button) or from the email you received when your order was completed.

1. Click on the Padlock button
In Flash / Animate, click on the Padlock button in the SMR Helpers panel.
This will invoke EDAPT License Manager.

2. Paste your License Key
Paste your License Key in the text box and click Activate. The key will be validated over the Internet and in a few seconds you will receive confirmation that EDAPT Premium has been activated.

3. Restart Flash / Animate
SMR Helpers will now display all the IK-related buttons and Create And Manage IK Objects will be added to the Commands menu.

Shortcut check
If next to the menu entry of Create And Manage IK Objects you don't see F1(visibility), restore EDAPT Shortcuts.

EDAPT Premium only needs to be activated once per device. If you have multiple versions of Flash and/or Animate installed on your computer, you only need to activate via one of them. After that all your EDAPT installations will have the premium features enabled.
The only exception to this is Flash 8. It will need to be activated separately.


You can deactivate via your EDAPT Store account or in the case of personal licenses (x1 and x3) via EDAPT License Manager's hamburger menu.
Studio licenses are managed by the Administrator.

Getting help

We try to provide friendly technical advice to all EDAP Tools users who need help.

Screen recording

To be able to trouble-shoot we need to be able to see the manifestation of the problem, being reported.
To shorten the communication time and allow us to best help you, please, with your initial email provide a screen recording* with clear explanations what you are trying to achieve and how the tools are not behaving as expected.

If you do not submit a screen recording with your initial message, you will be asked to do so.
In most cases we are unable to help you without a video demonstrating the issues reported.

*The video should be recorded, using a screen capture software, such as OBS Studio or any of the available online screen recorders (not a phone camera), show the whole screen and clearly demonstrate the problem you are seeking help with.

Bug reporting

If you discover a bug, please, report the exact steps to reproduce it.
If necessary, include a sample file and screen recording.
We take all bug reports very seriously, but to be able to analyze and fix bugs we need to be able to reproduce them in the first place.

Support address

If you face technical difficulties, you can email us at info at flash-powertools dot com

Rashad Ferguson

Hello. Ive been using flash to animate for a long time and I think your tools have just made things much easier. I've been testing the standard version for a while and would like to upgrade to the premium. Beforehand though, I'd like to know how often the license would need to be validated? I'd hate to have to miss out on work because my internet isn't working for any reason.

Hi Rashad,

We're glad to hear you enjoy using the tools and find them useful!
Unexpected interruptions of the Internet connection are factored into the validation procedures.

Having said that, extended offline periods will not be possible.
If the license cannot be validated when necessary, the tools will revert to the standard version, so the worst that can happen is to temporarily lose IK functionality. This will hardly make it impossible to do your work.

Rashad Ferguson

Hi ThankYou for the reply. However Id like to know the specific unit of time you're talking about. Im upgrading to premium specifically for the use of IK tools. Whether its a daily validation, monthly or minute to minute is important information for my decision because the internet providers in the Bahamas are less than reliable.

Hi Rashad,
If you experience frequent short connection interruptions this will be completely unnoticeable.
If by "less than reliable" you mean several days or weeks without Internet, then you will not be able to use the premium features during these extended offline periods.

if my purchase is for indefinitely then why i always need an internet connection? for installation it can be necessary, but after that why need ?

As stated in the description above, licenses are periodically validated via the internet.
This is why you need to have an active connection.
The reasons for validation should be obvious.

Hello! I just bought your premium tool now but I can't find the Padlock button in SMR Helpers Panel. I am using Adobe flash 2015 cc professional version. Should I delete the edapt tools and then reupload?

Hello Betul,
Animate 2015 is an unsupported version and that is why there is no padlock button in SMR Helpers panel. You cannot activate the premium features in Animate 2015.
For this you need at least Animate 2020.
You can see the currently supported versions here.

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