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A step-by-step guide to creating an edaptable rig from start to finish

Our free downloadable character rigs – KineFox and Smart Magnet Bot – have proven to be very popular with users. The article on Classic Tween Workflow has chapters dedicated to character specifics, but none of them covers the actual process in a step-by-step manner. Read more

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Click on the name of any of the tools below to go directly to its description article and video demonstration.

LB Enumeration Smart Transform Point CW (SMR)
LB Rename Clean Up (SMR)
Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Frames To Movieclips
Set Reg Point To Transform Point Find And Replace Strokes
KineFlex (SMR Tool) Effects Tween
Layer Color Stagger Tween
Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle Swap Multiple Symbols
Convert To Keyframe Advanced Timeline Block To Symbol
Enter Or Punch Current Frame Prev Or Next Symbol In Library
Next Frame In Symbol Or Next Keyframe Last EDAPT Command Quick Settings
Prev Frame In Symbol Or Prev Keyframe EDAPT Control Panel
Sync Symbols To Timeline Smart Magnet Rig panel
Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) Smart Graphic Control panel
Smart Transform (SMR) Symbol Palette Control panel
Duplicate Symbol Recursive EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts
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We first introduced Smart Magnet Rigs in 2013 and since then countless studios and individual animators around the world have adopted this ground-breaking approach to flexibility, efficiency and control.

With chain selection, magnetic joints and automatic clean up of arcs, Smart Magnet Rigs are unmatched in the current Flash or Animate landscape. Read more