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How to install and uninstall EDAP Tools v.5.0


Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of EDAP Tools, make sure you uninstall that old version first.

  1. Download the latest build of EDAP Tools and unzip the compressed folder somewhere on your hard drive. For example, the Desktop.
    Make sure you really unzip. If you attempt to run the script out of a zipped folder you may get errors.
  2. Start Flash or Animate
    Make sure you have no documents open as Setup will need the program to be restarted when done.
  3. From Commands menu choose Run Command…
    Browse and point to Install-Uninstall EDAPT.jsfl (inside the unzipped folder) and press Open

    The Install dialog box will appear.

  4. Choose Install EDAP Tools and press OK
    You will get a message that files have been installed successfully and the program will shut down after a confirmation.
  5. Restart Flash so that EDAP Tools can initialize
Video demonstration

If for some reason automatic installation fails, follow the procedures for manual installation described here.

Location of EDAP Tools

Upon successful installation after the restart you will see the Welcome to EDAP Tools message.

  • EDAP Tools commands will appear in the Commands menu
  • Smart Magnet Rig panel will appear under Window > Other Panels (Extensions in Animate) > Smart Magnet Rig
  • Smart Graphic Control panel will appear under Window > Other Panels (Extensions in Animate) > SGC1
  • Symbol Palette Control panel will appear under Window > Other Panels (Extensions) > Symbol Palette Control
  • KineFlex (SMR Tool) will appear in the tools palette next to or below Free Transform tool
    In Animate 2020+ you will need to click on the button at the bottom of the toolbar, find KineFlex in the pool and drag it to a desired location on the toolbar.

Switch to EDAPT Shortcuts by choosing:

  • on Windows Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.
  • on Mac Flash / Animate > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.


Make sure you have no documents open, as the program will need to be restarted at the end of deinstallation!

  • You can follow the same procedure as with Installation, but at Step 4 when the Install/Uninstall dialog appears choose Uninstall EDAP Tools.
  • An even easier way to uninstall would be from EDAPT Control Panel.
    Go to Commands > EDAPT Control Panel or press Alt+F1.
    When EDAPT Control Panel appears, click on the Uninstall EDAPT button at the bottom left of the dialog box. Then follow the prompts.
    Flash / Animate will be closed and the EDAPT Uninstaller will remove the tools.

Removing individual Commands

Individual commands can be disabled i.e. removed from Commands menu (and enabled again) from Manage Commands… at the bottom of EDAPT Control Panel Alt+F1 – a part of the installed package.

The tools have been designed to work together as a package and managed via EDAPT Control Panel. Deleting or renaming individual commands via the default Manage Saved Commands… is not possible. They will regenerate after a restart.

The Tools

Click on the links below to view detailed help articles and demonstration videos for each of the tools.
Tool EDAPT Shortcut
LB Enumeration
LB Rename Alt+L
Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Shift+`(tilda/~ key) , Alt+`(tilda/~ key)
Set Reg Point To Transform Point Ctrl+T , Ctrl+Shift+T , Shift+T
KineFlex (SMR Tool) G , Alt+G , F4
Layer Color F5 , Alt+F5
Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle F3 , Alt+F3
Convert To Keyframe Advanced X , Alt+X
Enter Or Punch Current Frame F2 , Ctrl+F2 , Alt+F2
Next Frame In Symbol Or Next Keyframe Shift+. , Alt+.
Prev Frame In Symbol Or Prev Keyframe Shift+, , Alt+,
Prev Or Next Symbol In Library Alt+' , '
Sync Symbols To Timeline /(for­ward slash)
Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) , Ctrl+`(inverse)
Smart Transform (SMR) 1(for­ward) , Shift+1(inverse) , Alt+1(alternative)
Smart Transform Point CCW (SMR) 2(forward) , Alt+2(inverse)
Smart Transform Point CW (SMR) 3(forward) , Alt+3(inverse)
Clean Up (SMR) Alt+Q
Duplicate Symbol Recursive
Frames To Movieclips Alt+F8
Find And Replace Strokes
Effects Tween Ctrl+4(tween) , Shift+4(clear)
Stagger Tween
Swap Multiple Symbols
Timeline Block To Symbol Shift+F8
EDAPT Service Layers Renamer
Last EDAPT Command Quick Settings F12 , Alt+F12
EDAPT Control Panel Alt+F1
Smart Magnet Rig panel
Smart Graphic Control panel
Symbol Palette Control panel
EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts

A note about shortcuts

Many of the tools need a keyboard shortcut assigned to them. Only then they become a powerful seamless addition to an uninterrupted workflow.

EDAP Tools come with the EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts set, which was carefully developed over the years.
Because many of the standard Adobe keys were reassigned, it may require time until users get used to it. A full description of the shortcuts is available here and the EDAP Tools Shortcuts Map is available for quick access from within the package: Commands > 09 EDAPT Help > View Shortcuts Map.

Edit Multiple Frames and EDAP Tools

We'd like to point out to our users that generally most of the tools have been designed to work in the 'current frame' only.
This, of course, should be quite obvious and a common sense approach, since most of the tools are used to facilitate better, faster, more efficient posing during animation or certain processes during designing and rigging.

There are, however, a few exceptions from this general rule – commands which were specifically written to utilize a selection that spans across multiple frames, using Edit Multiple Frames.

These commands are:

  • Swap Multiple Symbols
  • Next / Prev Frame In Symbol
  • Layer Color (can work)
  • Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle (can work)
  • Timeline Block To Symbol (can work)
  • Smart Magnet Joint (can work)

Hello, electric dog team. I came to report to you a small problem installing your tool. I use Adobe Flash CS6 and when I followed the steps:
1. start Flash;
2. From the Commands menu, choose Run Command …

The Install / Uninstall dialog box did not appear with this. What appeared to me was another dialog box saying "Upon completion, the EDAPT Setup Program will need to terminate the program. To avoid losing any unsaved work, close all open documents again." When I returned to Flash, there was no change.

How should I proceed? Should I follow the manual form of installation?

Hi Lucas,

As far as I can tell, you could not run installation, because you had open documents, i.e. an open FLA file.

This could be just an Untitled-1.
Close this and run Setup again.

You cannot run Setup if you have open documents.
If you look at the instructions above again you will see that it says so very clearly in red:

1. Start Flash or Animate
Make sure you have no documents open as Setup will need the program to be restarted when done!

Hope this helps and you install successfully now.
Good luck!

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