What's new in EDAP Tools v.6.9

The Electric Dog team is proud to introduce Flanimate Power Tools v.

This is a feature and maintenance update

1. New features:

  • KineFlex: in Animate now has a setting, allowing to fine-tune its performance to best suit rig's complexity
  • KineFlex: in Flash is now restricted to AS1 and AS2 documents
  • FreeStyle Rigging: in Flash is now restricted to AS1 and AS2 documents
  • Remove SMR info: now can remove MT and CM layers as well
  • Find And Replace Strokes: now can delete strokes completely
  • SGC panel: now can filter thumbnails with these choices: All Frames, Keyframes, Labels

2. UX improvements:

  • KineFlex: improved performance in Animate
  • Smart Magnet Rig panel: UX/UI improvements
  • SGC panel: UX/UI improvements
  • SMR Helpers panel: UI improvements

3. Maintenance:

  • Flash CS4 is no longer a supported version
  • EDAPT Premium: Animate 2020 is no longer a supported version
  • EDAPT Premium: Animate 2024 (upcoming) added to the list of supported versions

4. Minor bug fixes

It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to take advantage of the latest changes.

Download the latest version from the Downloads page

An important reminder

Always update Animate with caution!
If you rely on EDAP Tools for your work, always install new versions of Animate separately and not on top of your existing installation.

José Luis Villar

Note from the Admin:
A question about a Layer Parenting bug in Animate was moved here.

José Luis Villar

I would like to know if there is a way to create an example of, say, 4 or more characters moving in the same scene. Is this possible or is there any better recommendation to set up a scene that has more than 4 characters or even 10 characters???

For example let's say you want to make 8 characters running in a scene, what would be the best recommendation???
All in one project??
Or maybe one per project and then export the sequence in swf or png for each one and put it all together in a .fla file???

Hi again, José,

You can have as many characters as you need.
How you organize your timelines is a matter of preference or other considerations, some of which are discussed in our Classic Tween Workflow article.

The EDAPT Movie Template also shows an example of having multiple characters in a scene.

If I wanted to start from scratch and learn FK/IK and the correct way to rig joints on a character, what video should I begin with?

Hi Aaron,

If you already have experience animating in Flash/Animate, this will be a good place to start learning about Smart Magnet Rigs:

If you're new to character rigging, start here: https://flash-powertools.com/character-rigging-for-flash-animation/

Each of these articles will guide you further with links and demonstration videos.

Good luck!

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