Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR)

Important! To function, Magnet Targets must always be placed on a layer called MagnetTargets. If users need to tween an MT, there can be multiple MagnetTargets layers, each containing a single MT.
Center Marker layer must be called CenterMarker.


Creates two types of invisible objects (and layers for them), necessary for the functioning of Smart Magnet Joint (SMR), Smart Transform (SMR) and Clean Up (SMR). These invisible objects appear in the Library inside a folder called EDAPT objects.

  • Magnet Target (MT) – a red invisible circle with cross indicating its center. Has to be placed inside parent Symbols. Works as a magnet anchor for children's Reg point to snap to.
  • Center Marker (CM) – a blue invisible diamond with cross indicating its center. Automatically placed at the Reg point of current (usually child) Symbol. Visual aid to easily and precisely place Magnet Target(s) in parent Symbol.

Suggested use

The presence of Magnet Target(s) is a prerequisite for the functioning of Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) and Clean Up (SMR).

Example: Upper arm needs to snap back to shoulder area in torso. Torso Symbol must contain a Magnet Target which indicates where the upper arm's registration point will snap to. Lower arm needs to snap back to elbow area in upper arm. Upper arm Symbol must contain a Magnet Target which indicates where the lower arm's registration point will snap to.

Where does it work?

Stage, Inside Symbol

EDAP Tools v.5 shortcut

Shift+`(tilda/~ key) (creates MT); Alt+`(tilda/~ key) (creates CM)


Visibility upon creation of Magnet Target and Center Marker layers can be chosen in EDAPT Control Panel or Quick Settings F12.
MTs can be magnetically snapped to the nearest CM by executing Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc).

Legacy Support

In versions of EDAPT prior to 5.0, MT and CM layers were called Magnet Target(s) and Center Marker. This has been changed in EDAP Tools v.5.0 to conform to the new restrictive layer naming model introduced by Adobe in 2018. Old layer names are fully supported by the code. All new rigs are now created according to the strict model. If for some reason users need to use those new SM Rigs with an older version of EDAP Tools, they should use EDAPT Service Layers Renamer to go from “strict” to “relaxed”.

Known issues

If on the background you are running Macromedia Director, OpenOffice or Oracle VM VirtualBox, the command may fail to create CM and MT objects, resulting in an error message. These applications seem to steal or alter the clipboard. Just close Macromedia Director, OpenOffice and/or VirtualBox. You may need to restart Flash/Animate, but more likely not.
There may be other applications that do this also and the list may be incomplete.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Download the latest version from the Downloads page.

This tool is amazing and useful

Santhoshkumar M

Create center marker not working in my animate CC pl help me, While clicking the [Alt+`] didn't generate diamond shape CM

Hi mate,
Make sure you have EDAPT Shortcuts activated.
If the shortcut does not work for some reason, try to hold down ALT and choose the command from the menu while you are holding the ALT key down.
This should result in the creation of a Center Marker.

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