Smart Graphic Control panel (SGC)


Inter­ac­tive pan­el which allows users to cre­ate Thumb­nails for each frame of the con­tent of a Graph­ic Sym­bol and then to con­trol the ‘loop­ing’ set­ting and ‘first frame’ for a par­tic­u­lar Sym­bol Instance, by click­ing on the desired thumb­nail. Prop­er­ties such as Sin­gle Frame, Play Once and Loop can also be con­trolled simultaneously.

Dur­ing the ini­tial thumb­nail cre­ation, the pan­el assigns meta­da­ta to a sym­bol instance and lat­er uses it to con­trol it, which allows the users to auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­ate keyframes with­out the need to make a Time­line selec­tion; to syn­chro­nize the instance with oth­er instance(s) and to have all kinds of com­bi­na­tions where an object con­trols oth­er synced object(s), but is also itself synced to oth­er ‘mas­ters’.

Suggested use

Char­ac­ter ani­ma­tion – Lip sync­ing, hand ges­tures, turn­arounds, blinks and oth­er eye or facial expressions

Where does it work?

A sin­gle instance on Stage or a sin­gle keyframe on Time­line must be select­ed for the ini­tial cre­ation of Thumb­nails. After that no selec­tion is required. The pan­el works in the cur­rent frame in the cur­rent Time­line.

EDAP Tools shortcut

n/a; open SGC Panel(s) from Win­dow menu > Oth­er Pan­els (Exten­sions in Ani­mate) > SGC1 (SGC2, SGC3, …, etc.)


Ctrl-click on the Create/Refresh thumb­nails but­ton refresh­es the con­tent of the cur­rent­ly loaded Symbol.
Shift-click on a thumb­nail to hide from view. (Reload thumb­nails to show hidden.)

Known issues

Incor­rect num­ber and size of thumb­nails (Flash 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 only)
In old­er ver­sions of Flash thumb­nail gen­er­a­tion is affect­ed by the set­tings cho­sen for the last export­ed PNG. Read more…

Thumb­nails with sol­id back­ground (Flash 8, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 only)
If you have noticed that thumb­nails get gen­er­at­ed with a sol­id back­ground col­or (instead of trans­par­ent) and you can­not change this via Thumb­nail Set­tings in the pan­el drop-down menu, there is an easy fix. In these old­er ver­sions of Flash the image export is depen­dent on the PNG export set­ting in File menu. To change this go to File > Export > Export Image… and export one PNG, choos­ing “24-bit with alpha chan­nel”. Flash will remem­ber this set­ting. Then refresh your Thumb­nails in SGC panel.

Lost meta­da­ta: (Ani­mate ver­sions ear­li­er than 2019.2) Due to a bug in Flash CC and Ani­mate CC the default Con­vert to Keyframes func­tion does not retain the Smart Graph­ic Con­trol (and SMR) meta­da­ta in the new­ly cre­at­ed keys.
To be able to use SGC in Flash/Animate, CC users have to switch com­plete­ly to Con­vert To Keyframe Advanced.

edit: 5 April 2019. The issue described above was final­ly fixed in Adobe Ani­mate CC 2019.2, released on 3 April 2019. If you have Ani­mate CC 2019.2 or new­er you should be able to use the default Con­vert to keyframes, Break Apart and drag in the Time­line to cre­ate keys with­out los­ing the Thumb­nail and Syn­chro­niza­tion metadata.

Buttons, Dropdowns

Full descrip­tion

SCG panel

Pan­el Title – can be edit­ed and renamed from the menu at the top-right cor­ner (Thumb­nail Settings…)
Menu with var­i­ous selec­tion options:

  • Cre­ate New Pan­el – cre­ates anoth­er pan­el which can be open simul­ta­ne­ous­ly to con­trol a dif­fer­ent instance
  • Delete this Pan­el – deletes the cur­rent pan­el, if there are more than one
  • Delete Time­line Thumb­nails… – deletes all thumb­nails asso­ci­at­ed with the cur­rent Timeline
  • Clear Pan­el – removes the cur­rent­ly loaded thumbnails

Below pan­el Title:
Check­box for enabling or dis­abling the Auto Key function
Radio but­tons to con­trol the Loop­ing set­ting at the key

Main pan­el area where Thumb­nails appear. Click­ing on a Thumb­nail makes it cur­rent and affects the asso­ci­at­ed Sym­bol Instance on the Timeline.
Shift-click­ing on a Thumb­nail will hide if from view.

But­tons at the bottom:

  • Cre­ate (or Refresh) thumb­nails – a Sym­bol instance needs to be select­ed to cre­ate Thumb­nails. To refresh (for exam­ple to reflect edits made after the cre­ation of Thumb­nails) Ctrl-click the but­ton. If there is noth­ing loaded and no selec­tion and the but­ton is pressed, it will look for poten­tial exist­ing meta­da­ta sets to load and if such are present will pop a list to choose from.
  • Sync select­ed instance – requires a select­ed instance on Stage or key in Time­line. Allows to syn­chro­nize and con­trol as many oth­er ele­ments in sync with the ‘mas­ter’ sym­bol. For exam­ple a mask that has to be synced with the eyes.
  • Roll Over cur­rent thumb­nails… — a com­mand which enables users to trans­fer meta­da­ta from the cur­rent­ly loaded set of thumb­nails to any oth­er sym­bol instances (range of keys) select­ed in Timeline.
  • Remove Thumb­nail info and Syn­chro­niza­tion Link­age – eras­es meta­da­ta from select­ed instances in the Timeline
  • Book­marks – allows users to book­mark three loca­tions for quick jump­ing in case if the cur­rent­ly loaded set is large and needs fre­quent scrolling down and up.


Mul­ti­ple pan­els can be cre­at­ed and open at the same time

Video demonstrations

This pan­el is part of the Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools pack­age. Down­load the lat­est ver­sion from the Down­loads page.

how to load mul­ti­ple thum­nails , please help i can load only one sym­bol in sgc
help us in load­ing more thum­nail in sgc panel

Your graph­ic sym­bol has to con­tain mul­ti­ple frames inside.
Please, watch the videos and fol­low the instructions.

If you want to use with more than one sym­bol at a time, cre­ate more SGC pan­els from the ham­burg­er menu in the upper right-hand cor­ner > Cre­ate New Panel.

Did I see some­where that you can name the thumb­nails? I’m specif­i­cal­ly look­ing to name the mouth shapes. Thanks! Love these tools — so much to learn.

Hi John,
Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re real­ly glad you like the tools.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly there is no way to name the thumb­nails in the pan­el. No one had ever request­ed it so far.
You can make the thumb­nails larg­er to see them bet­ter, if you need.

And here is a workaround how you can name the mouth positions:

  1. Cre­ate a new lay­er inside the mouth sym­bol and on it type the names that you like for each frame: A, E, O, U, L, etc.
  2. Go out­side and refresh the thumb­nails by hold­ing down Ctrl + press­ing the but­ton on the SGC pan­el. This will re-cre­ate the thumb­nails with the labels on.
  3. Go back inside the mouth sym­bol and guide the text lay­er. (You can press Alt+F3.) This will hide the labels from the actu­al mouth sym­bol, but they will remain on the thumb­nails until you refresh them again.

Hope this helps!

Enjoy using EDAP Tools!

[Edit, 3 Jan 2022: Added a video, demon­strat­ing the procedure.]

So the lim­it to this fea­ture is up to 100 thumb­nails per instance, is there a way to go beyond 100?

Hi Ellis,
Maybe you are try­ing to use this tool for some­thing that it is not designed for?
If you need, split the con­tent at 99 and sym­bol swap.

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