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This is a multifunction command Functionality Toggles outline mode or guides (hides) the selected layer(s). Suggested use For quick access to outline or guide mode from the keyboard when needed. Where does it work? Stage, Timeline, multiple layers EDAP Tools shortcut Read more

This is a multifunction command Functionality Loops through a selection of predefined customizable high-contrast layer colors for outline mode. Suggested use Eliminates the problem of the default low-contrast randomly generated layer outline colors. Quick access to layer color functionality via Read more

Part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow Description KineFlex is our revolutionary on-the-fly skeletal system, introduced for the first time in EDAPT v.4.0 in 2018. KineFlex uses Smart Magnet Rig metadata to allow an animator-friendly implementation of Forward and Inverse Kinematics, Read more

LB Rename

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Functionality Renaming of multiple Library items in 3 different modes:  Adding of Prefix and/or Suffix to the names of Library items. Trimming the names of Library items by a specified number of characters. Finding and Replacing specific characters. Suggested use Read more

Functionality Allows adding sequential numbering to the names of Library items as well as basing those names on the names of containing folders. Suggested use To quickly and easily enumerate (rename) multiple Library items. Where does it work? Library panel Known Read more