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This com­mand is part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Move Move in SMR Helpers pan­el is a com­plete­ly non-destruc­­­tive alter­na­tive to Smart Mag­net Joint’s Snap to Effec­tor func­tion. Ini­tial selec­tion can be one SMR Effec­tor or any of the Read more

Part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Func­tion­al­i­ty Roll Over Rig Info (RORI) allows the trans­fer (roll over) of Smart Mag­net Rig info (SMR info, meta­da­ta ID) from sym­bol instances on the time­line to oth­er sym­bol instances on the same lay­er. Read more

Func­tion­al­i­ty Inter­ac­tive, cus­tomiz­able pan­el, pro­vid­ing but­ton access to EDAPT Com­mands. It also allows cre­at­ing but­tons for non-EDAPT user-defined com­mands. Sug­gest­ed use An always-on-screen but­­ton-based alter­na­tive to using EDAPT Short­cuts to access EDAPT Com­mands. Faster, more intu­itive and user-friend­­ly option than Read more

Func­tion­al­i­ty Allows cus­tomiza­tion of some set­tings and man­ag­ing the num­ber of active EDAPT Com­mands. EDAP Tools can be unin­stalled from EDAPT Con­trol Pan­el. Con­vert To Keyframe Advanced Five self-explana­­to­ry set­tings to acti­vate or deac­ti­vate for the and com­mands. Text input field Read more