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Functionality Allows customization of some settings and managing the number of active EDAPT Commands. EDAP Tools can be uninstalled from EDAPT Control Panel. Convert To Keyframe Advanced Five self-explanatory settings to activate or deactivate for the and commands. Text input Read more

Functionality Converts a selected block of frames to a Symbol, preserving its relative position and layer structure. There are two modes: Single Frame mode  If the selection is strictly limited to multiple objects/layers spanning only one frame, the command behaves just like Read more

Functionality Creates a zigzag 'stagger' custom ease graph between two keys in a Classic tween. Positions anchor points precisely at frames and offers a choice of several presets, which can later be tweaked by the animators to better suit their needs.  Read more

Functionality Swaps multiple Symbols. Suggested use Allows swapping of multiple selected Symbols on Stage with one currently selected Symbol in the Library. Requires Library selection. Works across multiple frames and Layers if Edit multiple frames is activated. Where does it work? Read more

Functionality Finds and replaces stroke properties across shapes* in the current document. Allows to process Thickness, Color, Alpha and Style separately or in any combination. * Changes can be applied to the Entire Document or restricted within the Current Timeline Read more

This is a multifunction command Functionality Tween Effects mode Tweens the values of Filters and Color Effects between any number of frames in a frame-by-frame sequence, created by Frames To Movieclips. First and last key in the selection must have Read more