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This is a multifunction command Functionality Tween Effects mode Tweens the values of Filters and Color Effects between any number of frames in a frame-by-frame sequence, created by Frames To Movieclips. First and last key in the selection must have Read more

Functionality Nests a block of frames inside a Graphic Symbol container (to preserve it) and then converts the container to a sequence of single-frame Movie Clips. Suggested use Filters such as Blur, Glow, Image adjustments, etc. are only available for Read more

Functionality Creates a complete 'deep copy' / 'clone' of a symbol. All nested symbols are also duplicated. The container and all its content become completely independent of the original. Suggested use Clones can be used as a starting point for Read more

This command is part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow Functionality 'Cleans up' broken arcs in Classic Tweens, by auto-keying every frame and snapping elements to their Magnet Targets (MT). Suggested use When we need to quickly and efficiently clean Read more